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  • The competition is open to all participants with contract terms.
  • Fictitious, animated, documentary and experimental films in digital format, pointing to the “Betrayal and Resistance” theme indirectly or directly in the axis of the occupying terrorist coup attempt, which occurred on July 15 in our country, can participate in the competition.
  • Fictitious, animated, documentary and experimental films that do not exceed 15 (+ 2) minutes in total duration of the Film including pre- and post- credits may apply to the competition.
  • Competitors may apply more than one work. Having previously participated in national or international competitions or receiving awards from these competitions does not preclude them from participating in the competition.
  • Competitors accept, declare and undertake to fulfill all necessary expenses for the production of the Film to compete and to exempt Cekmekoy Municipality from all expenditures, claims that may arise and disputes arising from third parties, except for the obligation of AWARD with respect to the Film stipulated in this contract.
  • The competitor accepts, declares and undertakes that the work or works provided by him are his own original works or he has all the necessary licenses and permits for the use of the work for the purposes of the contract if it is the work of others.
  • Completely filling out the online application form from the website www.ihanetvedirenis.com by the owners of the works means that they accept the competition conditions.
  • If the language of the work is not Turkish, the Turkish subtitle should be added into the Film.
  • Participants are required to upload their films online after completing the form filling process. The upload quality of films should be in DV, PAL (720 x 576) or HD format 1080p (1920 x 1080). The file to be uploaded should be smaller than 2 GB.
  • The Competitor accepts and undertakes to provide free photographs, posters, banners, and similar promotional materials in his possession for the purpose of promoting the Film.
  • The competitor accepts and undertakes that the film shall be used at a size approved by Cekmekoy Municipality in all notice boards (banners, posters, billboards, internet, web site, brochures, cardboards, etc.) Cekmekoy Municipality has the right to publish in the media in order to advertise by using sections from the film.
  • Cekmekoy Municipality can publish indefinitely the first 10 films that will rank in the competition, on Cekmekoy Municipality social media accounts and on the municipality web site at www.ihanetvedirenis.comand other medias approved without paying royalties other than the award.
  • Cekmekoy Municipality has the right to meet the audience with the first 10 films that will rank in the competition, at the film festival to be organized after the competition or at various events indefinitely without paying royalties to the owner of the work.
  • In the event of a violation of any rights and/or interests which are the subject of intellectual and/or industrial property protected under the provisions of the relevant legislation during the fulfillment of obligations undertaken under the contract or due to the fulfillment by the competitor, the competitor shall be liable for any administrative, judicial, penal and financial obligation arising in this regard, and all expenses related to the production of all kinds of works to be used in the production of the film under the law of intellectual property rights numbered 5846 and all expenses including the licenses for the use of these works in the film and royalties arising from their use shall be covered by the competitor.
  • The Competitors ranked in the competition is obliged to get the screen rights of the Film which has been taken from the owner of the work or works and the other rights owners, for which the owner of the work declared that they are not his original work, and which shows that the work can be used by Cekmekoy Municipality in accordance with the purposes of the contract and which has been taken in accordance with the law of intellectual property rights; documents and licenses relating to the transfer of rights taken from third parties; to get documents relating to the transfer of rights (designs, all works covered by the law of intellectual property rights, preliminary agreements made with third parties and/or institutions, etc.) and to submit these licenses or documents to Cekmekoy Municipality before the Award.
  • Member of parliament, employees, managers of Cekmekoy Municipality; first-degree relatives of the president and his deputies; members of jury and their first-degree relatives and employees such as assistants-secretaries working with them.
  • VTR and received images used in the film cannot exceed 10% of the total duration of film.
  • The following materials shall be requested from film owners who are awarded by the competition committee. The competitor should deliver the said materials in digital format and on time:
    • Name, surname of Director, film name, duration, date of production.
    • 3 copies in HD format recorded in DVD or Disk Memory format and with the name of the owner of the work and the name of the work on it
    • High resolution (50x70 cm 300 dpi) vertical and horizontal banner of the Film
    • Director’s high resolution photo (Jpeg)
    • Turkish and English summary (synopsis) of the Film
    • Biography of the director in Turkish and English
    • Turkish and English subtitles versions of the Film
  • The Competition Committee may make changes to the specification if needed. This change is posted on the web site.
  • Applications which do not comply with the specified conditions will not be assessed.
  • Anyone who participates in the Competition is deemed to have accepted the specification.


  • The Competition Committee may invite an observer who does not have the right to vote to the jury meetings in order to assist the functioning of the regulation.
  • The incoming films shall be assessed by the Pre-Selection Committee and following this assessment the works that do not comply with short film criteria and the competition specification.
  • The Pre-Selection Committee presents films to jury by selecting 50 films applied to the competition.
  • The Pre-Selection Committee and the Jury shall generally assess in accordance with the following criteria and ratios:
    • Scenario 30%
    • Regulation 25%
    • Fiction 20%
    • Camera-light 15%
    • Film Name 10%
  • Jury members are obliged to assess and finalize the films and to be present at the jury meetings.
  • Jury members shall choose only 1 winner, 1 second, 1 third, 2 Special Awards and 5 honorable mentions.
  • Jury members cannot share their views on the results of the competition under any circumstances and with any person except for the jury assessment meeting.


  • Owner of the award shall be responsible for legal taxes, fees and deductions for payments.
  • The prize money shall be handed over to the director of the film mentioned on the credit only against the minute.


In the event that the Cekmekoy Municipality International Short Film Competition cannot be held or canceled due to force majeure events (natural disaster, extraordinary situations, war etc.), the parties accept and undertake in advance that they shall not claim any cost, compensation or any other expenses from each other.

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